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Intervju på Treningsforum

Posted in In Media on januar 18, 2011 by Gunnar Brathen

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8,4% bodyfat

Posted in In Media with tags on april 4, 2009 by Gunnar Brathen

Yes, 8,4% bodyfat under the skin. I’m just where I planned to be. The last four weeks has been very hard. Not visible hard for my wife but for me Yes. I have learned to hide the tough part. It has become a part of this mission. I have a goal that is beyond everyone else’s goale and the consequence is that i have to hide it.

Today I am much better prepared for a competition than I was last year at the same time. The difference is that last year I competed in the end of May and this year I will compete in september and october. At this time last year i had to promise my Wife not to compete next year (this year). She did not like to see me so tired and exhausted.

The difference this year is that I do the same with less struggle. But I know that from July the tough part will repeat. But I am confident that I will start July at 7% bodyfat under the skin. Without any struggle.

Last Thursday I had a journalist from Romerike Blad following me the whole day. He arrived at 9 in the morning. Just before I started my morning cardio training. And he followed me during the day. Through meals and through the periodic two weeks weighting and fat measuring at Rune (my coach), and endig up in the wardrobe after chest and shoulder training at Condis Gym. The newspaper Romerike Blad will publish a story about me preparing for World Championship in Rome.

I am exited 🙂

Interviewed by Romerike Blad

Posted in In Media on mai 27, 2008 by Gunnar Brathen

Today I was interviewed by the Newspaper Romerike Blad. You can read the interview here. The interview took place at the gym Condis Stovner and will be published in the paper version on Saturday. The same day I’m on stage in IGP Classics in Larvik. They also took a lot of pictures of me in different posing situations so I am a little bit nervous about being exposed as a bodybuilder to both the neighborhood and most of this part of Norway. Most people in the neighborhood does not know that I am doing this.

Kroppsbygger over 60 år profilert på

Posted in In Media on februar 16, 2008 by Gunnar Brathen


Og det er en diskusjonstråd her:

Enjoy and comment 🙂

Gunnars friposering på NM

Posted in In Media, Motivation Videos, Results on november 5, 2007 by Gunnar Brathen


Klikk her for å se VIDEO med musikk på

Formatet på videoen er dessverre smalere enn virkeligheten. Jeg fremstår derfor som lengere og tynnere enn det jeg egentlig er. På WS24 finner du «Friposering» med alle vinnerposeringene og hvor min er den første i en sammenhengende video. Du finner også et intervju med meg og intervjuet heter «Gunnar Bråthen»

Rune Sørlie om Gunnar Bråthen

Posted in In Media on oktober 31, 2007 by Gunnar Brathen

På finner du denne artikkelen hvor Rune Sørlie kommenterer Gunnars utvikling og videre satsing etter NM seieren i BB+50 år 27.oktober i år.

TV Norge Sporten

Posted in In Media on mars 22, 2007 by Gunnar Brathen

tvnorge1.gifIdag fikk jeg en melding fra TV Norge Sporten som ønsket å lage en reportasje, men hadde fått opplyst at jeg kanskje var i Frankrike. Det var jeg ikke….

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