Photo Gallery

Here I will publish selected pictures that shows the development in my training from January 2007 until today. Click on pictures for LARGE PICTURES:

Norwegian Championship 2012, 2nd place:

IGP Classics 2008 Open Nordic Championship, 1st place:

VIDEO from my Free Posing Routine:

Pictures from Line ups and posings:

May 2008:

April 2008:

Mars 2008:

November 2007 (Menton):

October 2007:

September 2007:

Juli 2007:

January-February 2006:


4 kommentar to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Patrick VIL Says:

    un vrai play boy et un vieux renard ce GUNNAR

  2. Dennis O`Nions Says:

    Congratulations Gunnar, you have created for yourself a magnificent body you are an inspiration to me and i hope all older people.
    Regrds and best wishes for future competitions

    • Gunnar Brathen Says:

      Thanks Dennis

      This is my first year with no competitions since my debut. Only hard training 🙂 My wife wants me to be on stage when I’m 70 so i prepare for a new competition when I’m 65. Some federations have master 65 class.

      This is also my first year as full time Personal Trainer. I have a long career in internet consulting and as a Google Search Engine Spesialist but I have decided to move on. So no training is both hobby and work. The same goes for my wife. She is 63 and retired teacher. She now works part time as training instructor at senior level.

      We are planning to write two books this year. One «Strength Training for Male +50» and «Strength Training for Women +50»

      Being senior and in good shape is great 🙂

      Regards Gunnar Brathen (stay tuned Dennis)

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