BB over 50 and 60

På denne siden finner du utvalgte bilder fra internasjonale konkurranser hvor det er deltagelse i aldersklassene 50+.

SM 2012: Bodybuilding Veteraner +60 år

BODY Magazine filmade allt på scenen vid 2012 års Svenska Mästerskap. Här de tävlandes fria program, final och prisutdelning för Bodybuilding Herrar Veteraner +60 år.

Due Torri Championships 2008, Italy

The winner Biagio Filizola (72) and on second place Filipo Alfani (70):


IBFA World Championships 2008 Over 55 years, Slovenia,  Nov 15 th.:


NAC Universe masters 2008, Over 55 years

(16 athletes in this class):


IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships – Budapest 2008

Bodybuilders over 50 and over 60 earned great applause from the audience as the viewers can’t imagine that older men could look so muscular and shapely.
Over 50 category winner, Aivars Vysockis of Latvia, is a very well-known bodybuilder, participant of many contests in the recent years. Following his bronze medal last year in Tyumen and 4th place at the 2007 World Masters Championships, he finally won his first continental title, presenting top muscle density and definition; however he had a demanding rival form the United Kongdom, Dave Lamptey from London, who placed second.

Above: Master men bodybuilding 50-59 years old, open category, victory ceremony (from L to R): Dave Lamptey (2nd place); Aivars Vysockis (1st place) and Vasile Serban (3rd place):

And the masters class, over 60. Great shape of the current world champion, Bernard Cooper of the United Kingdom, who is 62 now. Manuel Valbuena of Spain was in the 2nd position after the first round but lost it due to the poor posing routine. Finally, silver medal went to the Ivan Horacek of the Czech republic, who was not so defined but displayed perfect body proportions and balance.

Above: Master men bodybuilding over 60 years old, open category, victory ceremony (from L to R): Ivan Horacek (2nd place); Bernard Cooper (1st place) and Manuel Valbuena (3rd place).

Belove: The winner Bernhard Cooper

Mr.& Miss Universe IBFA 2008 – July SAPRI – ITALY

Over 55
1 Della Rosa Enrico Italy (right on the pictures below)
2 Yates Brown Martyn England (left on the pictures below)

Over 65 (alle disse tre utøverne er i aldersklasse +70-79 år)
2 Vanden Broeck Roger Belgium
3 Clifton Ted England


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  1. […] and people out there, but the first page I cam across had some amazing guys from comps last year. BB over 50 and 60 Gunnar Brthen (61) Not sure if seeing them has encouraged or discouraged me 🙂 […]

  2. Good overall site enjoyed reading will def bookmark.

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