About Gunnar

Gunnar BråthenName:
Gunnar Bråthen

Born:  1947

Lørenskog, Norway

Former Search Engine Expert. Open and In-House lectures and courses. I still do SEO analysis and gives advices in SEO optimization but officially retired from the profession in 2014. My present profession is as Personal Trainer in Strength Training combined by writing and publishing books about training and nutrition together with my wife Marit Lie.

Before I started my SEO career I have been deeply involved in in the IT-business since 1967. You can read my full CV in Norwegian here: (about Gunnar Bråthen)

Professional websites: e-guiden.no and gunnarbrathen.no

Sertified Personal Trainer from the Norwegian School of Sports Science.  I am working as PT  at Elixia CC-Vest in Oslo. Special interest in strength training for seniors at age 50+ who is willing to train hard and make sacrifices to reach goals.

!!!  Oppdatert artikkel om Gunnar Bråthen!!!

About this Project

I have been training strength 3-4 times a week from about 1996 but without focus and without thinking about what I eat. Until November 2006 when this project emerged in my mind.

My plan was to make my BB debut in the Norwegian BB Championship in October 2008
I managed to get my good friend and former Norwegian BB Champion, Rune Sørlie as Coach. With his help I changed my diet and started focusing om my weakest areas which was outside shoulders and Lats.

As you may already know I made my debut already the same year. In the Norwegian Championship of NBFA in October and in IFBA WC in Menton in November. Both with heavy pressure from the Norwegian NBFA president Roar Innlagen and from the Menton BB community through Eric Orrao. My other coach and inspirator.

In 2012 I moved to team 24fitness and coach Tommi Thorvildsen, IFBB Pro.

From 2014 I have been involved in building a new open federation UPBF.no

This blog is dedicated to my project of proving that seniors can set themselves very tough goals in strength sports. I will also use the blog for educational purposes because I believe that what I do can inspire other seniors.


5 kommentar to “About Gunnar”

  1. Jonny Arntsen Says:

    Hei Gunnar.
    Ja,du er litt større (rundere 🙂 nå enn i November,men det er du ikke alene om. Lykke til med dietten,kommer og sjekker formen din i Larvik 31.Mai. Stå på!
    Mvh. Jonny.

  2. Christopher Ray Says:

    Dear Gunnar Bråthen, thank you very much for your inspirational site. I am 55 years old, and living in the north east United Kingdom. I am working on my own bodybuilding project, training intensively 4-5 times a week (although my nature is not competitive). Your site has encouraged me to increase my objectives and effort. Thank you.

  3. […] you know :-). Recently we had one of those precious evenings visiting a very good friend of mine, Gunnar Braathen and his charming wife. This photo is taken at 9:40PM and as you can see, it’s still daylight […]

  4. Hi Gunnar – I’ve seen you from Renny’s blog, so impressive! Congrats on all of your hard work.

  5. Hi Gunnar! Thanks for a nice summer party! I didn’t know you were preparing to be a certified trainer, so cool!! I wish you all the luck, keep doing such a great job, its an inspiration to us all!

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