Preparing for Norwegian Championship

I am on track for this autumns main event. The NKF-IFBB Norwegian Championship in bodybuilding, class +50.

I have been competing every year since my debut in october 2007 at the age of near 60.  This year I will be 63 the month after the competition in october. I will certainly be the oldest athlete on stage and I am certain I will not win the +50 title. But I will be in my best shape ever. Ripped and hard.

For the moment my weight is 94 kg and under the skin fat is approximately 9,5%. My height is still 182cm.

I have 3 priorities for building mass this season.
More mass on quadriceps, more mass on rear deltoids and more mass on abs. These three are my weakest muscle groups and that means that they have to be bigger to be in harmony with the rest of my body.

Progress on quadriceps
I have changed my quadriceps routine for the last four weeks and the results are amazing. In three weeks I have gained 300 gram mass on my left quadriceps and 200 gram on my right quadriceps. This has never happened before so this new routine will continue until I reach some  plateau.

The new routine is called Super Squats and is done 2 times a week.

The original description of Super Squat is to do one (yes one) set with 20 reps tree times a week. The warming up is 10 minutes of treadmill, one set of 12-15 reps with only the barbel. Thereafter you perform tree sets of 3-5 reps with progressive weights. Then comes the main set with 20 reps. The first 12 reps goes as normal with one breath in between reps. Thereafter you will need more and more breath ins between repetitions. You can breath as much as you like but the barbel does nor leave your shoulder before you have finished 20 repetitions. Each of these super squat sets are done with 5 kg more weight than the previous training session. This routine makes you really exhausted and you will need to use most of your muscle groups to fulfill the last reps.

After two weeks with three sessions per week I recognized tha my quads needed more restitution. So I changed to two sessions per week. The first session is on Sundays after eating more carb from Friday to Saturday night. The second session is on Wednesdays which normally is a training free day.

Progress on abs
My abs is gaining more volume. I do abstraining 2-3 times a week, crunching with heavier and heavier weights.

Progress on rear deltoids?
I don’t know yet. My front and side deltoids are well-sized. And so is my trapezius. So the problem is to isolate the rear deltoides with progressive weights. It is much about angels. I will do rear deltoides exercises two times a week from now on and  see how it works out.


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  1. Stå på Gunnar! Hyggelig å hilse på deg på Oslo GP.
    Super squats funger som fy i en periode, akkurat som alt annet. Man trenger variasjon.
    Min versjon av super squats som jeg kjørte i en periode i 2006 og 2007 gjorde jeg følgende, men kun en dag pr uke.
    – 3 x 8-10 sittende lårstrekk
    – supersquat
    Jeg følte derfor at jeg alltid at jeg hadde max overskudd på hver økt.
    Restitusjon er viktig. Husk at om du trener for ofte vil du ikke hente deg inn raskt nok til å ha max fremgang.
    Skal følge deg frem mot NM. Vi ses bak scenen.

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