NBFA Open – Larvik

As the only athlete in the 60+ class I got my second Norwegian Championship.

Official photos will come but here are a few pictures taken by the newspaper Østlandsposten and posted at their website the same evening. Athletes from different classes were on stage at the same time. The «blue» guy is 40+:



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  1. The fact that the » blue guy » qualifies for the 40+ plus class, only goes to prove how it is possible for a person to hold that form well into your senior years. providing they continue to put in the required effort. Surely, an inspiration to the younger folk that there is life in BB after 30. Well done!

  2. You rock Gunnar: Being 60+ and in that shape for sure requires a lot of efforts and abnegations. I know you are serious with your diet too.

    Congrats with your Norwegian Championship! I admire you for the spirit as I’ve heard your going for the World Championship next year!

  3. keith williams Says:

    I am the person in the Blue Trunks. Thank you for your comment. I am from Wales and am coming back to compete in the Grand Prix in Larvik June 12th. Hope to see you all there again for a great show. Mant thanks to Roar and the people of Norway for the hospitality

    • Ivelin Geshev Says:

      )))great body.I hope to be like you one day,only 20 years left.I have been thinking a lot about the age and you are the proof .How many people can be ln this shape of the body and the mind?
      What stop us?It is so simple ,whan you work out you have a better tonus,then why we stop?we getting old?
      What is better -be old with good tonus or be old with all the negative sides?
      anyway-I don’t know you mr.Gunar ,but one day i feel i will meet you and we can speak a lot about the thinks.
      p.s.-when we are old the body dosn’t responce so good as befor and the the mind have to help the body-i think…

    • Gunnar Brathen Says:

      Thank you Ivelin Two years ago (at 62) I became certified Personal Trainer and love to train other seniors. It is not about age, it’s about breaking myths. I am now training 5 days per week, focusing on my weakest muscles. My goal is to compete in IFBB World Championships Masters +65 in nove/des 2012. My wife is 63 and is working as training instructor for seniorgroups. She want to see me on stage when I am 70 !

      Hope to meet you sometime regards Gunnar

    • Ivelin Geshev Says:

      How long you learn to be PT(personal trainer),what is the difference when you training seniors?more warm up things,longer rest between the sets,and so ….What about the food?
      Now is desember -what is hapend on IFB WorldCH Masters?

    • Gunnar Brathen Says:

      PT education 2 years part time at Norwegian School of Sports Science. Training senioors for strength and hypertrophy has to be more aware of weaknesses and injuries after a long life behind a desk. Then comes problems with falling testosterone and so on.

      This years Master: Results: http://www.ifbb.com/pdf/2011_ssusana/WJM-RESULTS-LISTS.pdf Pictures: http://www.ifbb.com/page_report.php?id=99

    • Ivelin Geshev Says:

      Two years school?Of norwegian ofcourse.I have to learn it good then)).what about the basic movement like a dead lift,scuads,rows?or you are more focus on the machines?
      Do you use some herbs to increase testosteron level ?
      To many thinks to ask and i do not know is this is spam here or not?
      anyway ,thank you for the answers -it is very kind of you)

    • Gunnar Brathen Says:

      I prefer free weights for more functional training and adaption to daily tasks for most people. Machines are good for isolation but none of my clients is going to compete on definitions 😉

      I advice my senior clients to let their doctors measure blood testosterone level. If too low they will get medical help to reach normal levels. For seniors it is important not to fall below a minimum level to retain vitality and a good life.


    • Ivelin Geshev Says:

      Free weightts))sounds good to me.And logical also.
      What do you mean -medical help to reach normal level???
      I do not know many ways to reach it)).
      What about the suplements?
      The food?
      Or it is the same like all of use just more caryfull?
      Thank you for the answers in advance

    • Gunnar Brathen Says:

      Medical help equals testosterone. And food has to be anabolic with 40 / 40 / 20 energ% from proteine, carb and fat And enough sleep. And enough rest between retraining a muscle group.

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