From right to left: Me, the winner, 2.place and 3.rd place:



Half of the line-up:


The IBFA WC in Rome was a real downturn. Not only for me but for many athletes. In my class I came 7 out of 8 competitors in the Masters 55-64 years old. Six athletes were far better than me. Old, experienced bodybuilders. Smaller and bigger than me who still is reckoned as a debuting athlete. Also by my self. I have a lot to learn about posing, precontest preparation and building mass.

In my line-up the second place should be first place. The winner was an Italian guy and the reason is that the president is Italian and the contest also is an Italian Championship. And with only three judges, including the Italian IBFA president, the Italian guy became the winner.

I was placed at the far left side (right to the judges) at the stage and the judges was in front of the right half of the lineup of 8 athletes. The president only spoke Italian and on several posing’s I had the judges behind me. And when they told us the next position in Italian I did not understand nothing. I had to look over my shoulder to see what was happening.

I came 7th. But after a while I had to admit that they were better than me.

Later that evening Martyn Yates, who came 3.rd said to me that he was impressed by my progress from my debut in Menton in 2007. And both Tommi Torvildsen and Charlie Abboh, who was may room mate, told me that they was impressed. So, I am happy after all. And I have learned a lot. Especially from Charlie who taught med lats spread and gave me a feeling of being big.

Later that evening we did some sightseeing in Rome and me and Charlie gor some fine pictures in front of Colosseum. Remember that Charlie is a pro bodybuilder and amateur world champion.

Now I am preparing for NBFA Open Norwegian Championships in Larvik on Sunday.




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  1. Congratulations!

    It may be strange to say so, after being number seven out of eight rivals. But behind this result I have seen a very hard and determined athlete that has given everything to be prepared. Hopefully you compete on equal conditions as your rivals.
    I don’t know if you have ambitions to continue but if you do so, lets hope that the next championship will be held in a place where the judges are little less nationalistic when they are doing their job.

  2. Hello gunar you make good progress for this contest, diet , training ect, for this congratulation, you are better every year, and like I said always to you this is the real victory.
    good week end friend, see you in menton in december
    eric orrao you friend for ever

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