Don’t try this diet if you don’t have a goal

I can tell you. This diet is a mental hell. But it works. This diet is the difference of winners and loosers. In my second week (five more to go) I can tell you: IT WORKS LIKE H…

Fat burns at 500gr perweek. But, as I already told you. It is a mental h….


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  1. Hi Gunnar
    i have been in Spain for 4 weeks and have lost touch in your final peaking process. I would love to know how things are progressing. Send me a mail if you can.

  2. Hello Gunnar

    I guess you have many readers of your blog who, like me, wonder how October 18 did go. I cannot find any results on the web either. So please tell us … 🙂


  3. Hey:D
    Both of my favorite guy’s:D Love the pictures<3
    U get only better and better:D
    See u at the gym Gunnar, and Charlie: BIG hug 2 u..

    Big hug from me<3

  4. Gunnar,
    Where is this diet you refer to? Is it the 7 day diet you posted earlier?

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