New diet an new workout routine


I am half way in my three months preparation for IBFA World Championships in bodybuilding 55-65 years in Rome 18th. October.

Progress is as planned and I am between 6-7% in body fat under the skin. My plan is to be ready between 4-5% by 1st. October.

I have been on new diet and new training routine for one week. I goes like this:


1980 kcal (225gr proteine, 180gr carbohydrates, 40-60gr fat)

Cardio training with moderate intensity


1620-1800 kcal (270gr proteine, 54gr carbohydrates, 40-60gr fat)
No creatine.

Full body workout on all muscle groups.
Two sets with 20 reps
15 minutes rest with proteine drink
Full body workout on all muscle groups
Two sets with 20 reps

As Tuesday

Diet as Tuesday
No workout. Only cardio training with moderate intensity.

Diet as Tuesday until training

Time for emptying glycogen and preparing carbo uploading
Full body workout with two sets and 8-12 reps.
I include morning cardio as well.

(I was really really empty last friday after workout. What kept me going was the carbo uploading waiting for me)

Diet (Carbo uploading):
6500 kcal (170gr proteine, 1200gr carbohydrates, 40 fat)
Just to mention. 1200gr carbohydrates equals 1.5kg dry raw rice: Try this for your self.
Creatine uploading and a spoon of creatine for every meal..

NO training. JUST EATING

2000 kcal (200gr proteine, 300gr carbohydrates, 45 fat)
A spoon of creatine for every meal.

HARD training. Full body 3-4 sets with 4-5 reps


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  1. Impressing – I hope you achieve your goal later this autumn!

    Go for gold!

  2. Alan Earl Says:

    Hi Gunnar
    Looks like you are really working hard for this . . . keep it up!
    I was interested to see the macros for this week. I seem to remember from your last peak that you were consuming 100 gr carbs per day, possibly with one refeed once per week. Based on the above, you are up to an average of 265 carbs per day. How is your body handling this increase of carbs during peaking weeks? I would be interested to know . . . .

  3. Gunnar Brathen Says:

    The average number is of no interest in this scheme. The main point here is emptying glygogene and reloading. reloading gives your body a carbo schock and will ensure that your body keeps the metabolism at peak level during the week. From monday to friday all workouts is about burning fat at high rate.

    This works – believe me.
    This is almost the same procedure as we use the week before contest. Except for the water

  4. Thank you .
    Really , i appreciate that .

  5. Hi!I think this blog is good!I found it on Google,I will surely come back! 😀

  6. You know I don’t normally

  7. Larry Chmiel Says:

    Hi Gunnar,
    You are truly an inspiration for me to get back in shape. I am 67 an use to bodybuild but gave it up for my job. What a mistake!

    Why do you do Full body workiouts and not a split?
    Also, why aren’t your workouts done on Mon, Wed, and Fri so that your body can rest between workouts?
    How long do you do your Cardio?
    Do you do only one exercise per muscle group for the 2 Sets?

    Thank you for your consideration and time.


  8. Gunnar Brathen Says:

    I only do this diet and workout routine the last two months before contest. Workout is done at 70-80% intensity.

    Normally I do a 4-split and I will not advise anyone to do this unless they are preparing for competition.

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