On track after one week back injury

Monday previous week, quadriceps day, hack lift, without warming up, first set 20kg no problem, second set 20kg (still warming up), gluteus touching my heels (too low I know), lower back moving 5cm forward when starting upward movement, SHIT, My lower back goes to hell!!!

Ever experienced something like that?

Did some more workouts that day but ended the workout session thinking that this was the beginning of two weeks hell and no training.

That evening I got to bed with my lifting belt on. Lucky me because that saved me through the night. I don’t know if you have been on low carb diet but for me it has the effect that the water keeps flowing (read: have to piss every third hour) so the lifting belt helped med get out off bed during the night.

Made Thursday a training free day, kept my lifting belt on during the day and the following night.

Wednesday is normally a training free day but I got to the gym and did my Tuesday training. On Thursday I was back on track. This had not been possible for a normal person. I’m not normal.

This week I changed from 4-days a week to 5-days a week workouts.
I have the same 4-split but skip resting on Wednesdays. On Friday this week I redo my Monday workout and so on. Saturday is FOOD day and the weekend is for avoiding workout except for gardening.

I still do not do cardio (fat burning) training. The diet is low on calories and carbohydrates and that keeps me on the planned track to 7 % fat under the skin 1.st July.

My Coach tells me that I am on track and that I will be below 5 % on contest day.


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  1. Kiropraktor Henning Says:

    Hei Gunnar.
    Har du hatt noen tidligere ryggproblemer?
    Kjører du spesifikke øvelser for core-muskulatur, eventuelt hvor ofte?
    Hvordan er tøyeligheten din i bein og glut. muskulatur?

    Send meg gjerne en e-mail, så hjelper jeg deg gjerne


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