On track towards BB World Championships in Rome

I have said it before and I say it again:
The main goal this year is to get ripped to the bone when I’m on stage in Rome for the World Championship title in BodyBuilding 55-64 years.

If I start the last heavy 3 months workout and diet 1.st July at 7 % bodyfat under the skin I will be below 5 % on stage. Stone hard and best in class. You can bet on that.

Today my weight is approximatly 93 kg and bodyfat under the skin is 7,4 %. Workout is done at 80 % intensity to avoid injuries. I feel I’m in really good shape and is comfortable with the low carb diet. I don’t do cardio training for the moment because it is not necessary. I save it for the tough months from July.


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  1. I admire your ability to change you habits to improve your mind and body.I want to do the same,if you were to start from the beginning again,what would you look for first as for as a guide to follow?im having trouble deciding what workout to follow,diet,etc…I have the P90X system and Im gaining strength quickly but then Im not burning as much bodyfat as Id like.i feel unbalanced.Any suggestions you give,negative or positive,would be appreciated.Good luck in future events!!

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