7.4 % bodyfat under the skin

During my almost three weeks eastern holiday in Menton I managed to rip more fat. Unbelievable. My goal was to keep the weight and the fat percent I had come down to before the holiday. My plan was to have good dinner and wine every night. We have an apartment with a good Kitchen and I love to make good of all the fresh vegetables and meat you find in southern Europe.

From breakfast until dinner at 19:00hrs I followed a strict diet on low carb.

In this way I feel I missed nothing of the good life. And still I managed to reduce weight and almost 1% of under the skin fat which means I have 7,4 % at the moment.

So what the h… do I do now?

  • I continue with the same diet.
  • I skip cardio training
  • I train with more reps and only 70-80% of maximum.
  • I eat good from Saturday evening until Sunday lunch.

In this way I will continue fat reduction, hopefully without loosing mass.

I don’t know at what point my body will resist ripping more fat. And my original plan was to start the three months contest preparation 1st of July wit 7 % fat under the skin.

Just now I don’t know what status will be at 1st of July. I have never been lower than 7 %. Last year it was hell to reach 7 %. This year it feels too easy.

Pictures are taken early morning on low carb:




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  1. Jonny A Says:

    Hei. Legg ut noen bilder av formen da….:-)

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