Do I train as hard as Bjørndalen ?

Well, I really don’t know. He is a professional and sponsored to train, eat, sleep and compete 24 hours a day. The question arised last night, playing card with very good friends. I train to win the world Championship in Bodybuilding and I have only one sponsor. I train for free at and I buy nutrition directly from manufactors.

What I can confirm is that any sport is extreme if your goal is World Championship.

I don’t think I train as hard as Bjørndalen in common sense. Bjørndalen is training for  hard cross country and shooting. I am training for being the fittest man on earth, two minutes on stage, once a year.

The main difference is not the basic preparation training, but the three months ahead of the yearly competition(s). Most of the todays top athletes, football player, weight lifters etc, would not stand the effort.

I know. I have been there and I am going to to do it again. Preparation for tyhe bodybuilding world championship i Rome in October has started long tine ago.

I started in January. More cardio training and a diet low on carb. 10 months ahead of competition. Please comment on this article if you know of someone training that hard. ( Sure I know some  but not many).

I have to rip 5kg fat and gain more muscle mass from now to October.

Today I did a three hours bicycle training. From sea level in Menton, France, up to 800 meters and down to La Turbie and Roquebrune. Fat burning before breakfast :-). Please repeat after me.

Do you know someone? If you do, please share the recipe with me. Because I’m addicted to this sport of bodybuilding.

Can you imagine the title line of a Norwegian Sports Magazine: World Champion in Bodybuilding 2009, Gunnar Brathen from Rasta, Norway.



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