Training for a World Championship

I am training hard, I do cardio every morning, I eat less cabohydrates (but enough) and I give my body enough time to recover from one workout to the next. The result is what I have planned for. I have ripped one kilo fat the last two weeks without loosing mass. On the contrary, I believe I have gained some mass on my back. The measuring is done by my Tanita body composition monitor.

The progress is coming without much pain. Of course I miss one more meal and of course i miss a glass of wine on weekdays, but the diet this spring is much easier than last year when I competed in the end of May. The astonishing fact is that I can easily reach last years fat percent at 7% at the end of May. I believe that this will be easier year by year.

But from 7% to 5% will be another ballgame. This is not what any body wants to do. And I know that my body will resist going «the last mile». I both look forward to and do not look forward to the period July-October.

What drives me is the thought of winning. I know it is possible to win the class 55-64 years this year. If, I am lucky with my competitors and if I get hard enough. I can not gain much more mass this year so ripping fat to the bone is my premium goal from now on. If I succeed on this I may very well become IFBA World Champion in bodybuilding this year.


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