Going strong

I continue my early morning cardio training. It is necessary for me to maintain this as a routine. The reason is that when the tough diet starts in July it has to be one hour cardio workouts. I reckon that if 40 minutes becomes normal, one hour will only be a slightly modification.

I also continue training hard. Even if I have reduced the daily amount of carbohydrates I have prioritized the meal one hour before workout and the refilling of fast carbohydrates after training and for dinner (within one hour after workout).

This week I broke my record and did 130kg (2x3reps) in upper chest workout (machine).  At last I feel that prioritizing upper chest since last summer is bringing some results. The same goes for deadlift (from knee level) where the last set is 220kg. It is time to move up to 230kg next week. Stifflegged is now 180kg and ready for 190kg.

And the fat? The fat is running away 🙂


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