Will I be ready for WC in Rome in October?

Looks like I will be in very good shape and hopefully more ripped than my competitors in the IFBA World Championship in Bodybuilding in Rome, October 2009.
Todays measuring shows that I am in much better shape right now than I was one month later (april 11th) last year when I competed in IGP the last weekend of May.

April 11th 2008:
Weight: 90,1kg
Lean weight: 69,9kg
Bodyfat under the skin: 10,26%

February 27th 2009:
Weight: 93kg
Lean weight: 72kg
Bodyfat under the skin: 9,4%

Bottom line: 2,1kg more muscle mass and on schedule to be very ripped on stage in the IFBA World Championship in bodybuilding in Rome in October.

I have to slow down the the ripping process from what I do just now. It is simply going to fast. I do 5-6 cardio workouts a week, each burning 700kcal. And I have reduced the carbohydrates to 120gr a day.

My coach Rune has ordered me do increase the amount of carbohydrates to a level that gives me good and effective workouts and so that I do not loose any mass during diet. Rune also tells me from his own experience that if I diet too hard already now I will not be able to go through the last months from July.

So, in other words. I will slow down the ripping process, train hard, and plan for 7% under the skin bodyfat by July 1st.


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