My Wife Knows

During this two-week holiday in Menton I told my Wife that I intended to compete in the World Championships in Bodybuilding in Rome in October.

It was inevitable. I have trained four days a week and I have NOT tasted French Cheese. My diet has been as normal with cereals, tuna (two times a day), chicken breast, whey protein, omega-3, olive oil and very very little bread and cookies. I admit that some of the carbohydrates has come from wine. She has probably understood this since I started my cardio training in January.

But she did not argue it at all. This is my new way of living and I make very good dinner every day. I love cooking and I think this makes it up. My wife loves my cooking.

So now it is back to normal. Back in Norway there is no wine on workdays and I plan to reduce my weight with 3-4 kilos by Easter. Hopefully it will be fat reduction 😉

In Menton I have trained heavy weights. I love to train harder and heavier than the younger competitors at Univers Gym. Eric is 48 so I will not meet him in the same class (45-55, 55-65, 65-+). But I will meet Patrick, I hope in The World Championships in Rome this Autumn. He is a newly retired Police officer. Smaller than me but in good shape and he will be ripped for sure. He plan to compete Mr. Universe in Sapri in July and has not decided for Rome yet.

I think; If I manage to get ripped enough. I can possibly be World Champion this year. That’s what KICKS ME OFF! I Know I can Do It because I am Crazy Enough.


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