Ripping too fast – maybe

shoulder-rightI started cardio three weeks ago at near 10 % fat-under-the-skin and near 97kg. Now my weight is 95.8kg and I have 8.9 % fat-under-the-skin according to my 3-point caliper measuring. Caliper measuring is not accurate but if you do it without trying to cheat it shows your progress. I have a feeling that my mind is too focused on ripping this year and that I do this too fast. With this pace i will reach 7 % by the end of April and my plan was 7 % on July 1st. The problem is that I can’t stop this process. I am crazy about being ripped this year. What if I reach 6 % on July 1st. Maybe I can reach 4 % on October 18th. The WC in Rome is moved one week from October 11. to October 18. And the Norwegian Championship is scheduled at September 26.


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