To Bulk or not to Bulk

I know I should eat more and gain more weight in order to gain more muscle mass. My coach would like me to reach 100kg off-season. Everybody knows, and I have learned at The Norwegian School of Sports Science, that I need to eat a little bit more calories than I need if I want to maximize my mass growth.

But I can’t do it. I simply can’t. I believe it’s in my head but I am to afraid of gaining too much fat. I understand young bodybuilders who bulk during off season, but for me this is as much about staying fit for the rest of my life as it is about being the biggest and winning titles.

Competitions and Championships is only milestones and bonuses. Such goals kicks me off for training. Of course I go for titles, but my bottom line is gaining good health and staying as fit as possible.

My French friend Eric tells me not to do so much cardio training. «It destroys your legs». Well, maybe he is right about that. Maybe all the cardio training is in conflict with building big quadriceps. But it keeps my heart going and that is also an important part of this project.

So what is my underlying goal this season?

I am still a beginner in this game and I have a long way to go to win international championships. I have used the previous competitions to get lower and lower on under-the-skin fat. Beeing ripped like a long time bodybuilder or like my friend Eric Orrao is not done in one or two years for beginners like me. Starting with all too much fat.

So this year have actually one goal. To come down to at least 5 % under-the-skin fat. I know from last year that going from 8 % to 7 % was very hard. Also for my wife to watch. So I know that going from 7 % to 5 % will be even harder. My metabolism will adapt to less calories and it will be harder and harder. Maybe it is impossible. I don’t know yet.

This is the reason I don’t bulk this year. And maybe I won’t gain as much muscle mass as I could. But as you understand from this I don’t think I can do both.

If I reach my 5 % goal this year I think I can be third in Rome. The reason is that the other athletes does not «rip to the bone». But that will be a bonus.

If I reach my 5 % this year I know it is possible and I know I can do it again. Next time will be easier and during next off-season I can possibly gain more mass by a «mini» bulk.

Anyway. I love this sport 🙂


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  1. Hei Gunnar. Tror ikke cardio 5-6 dager i uka vil gjøre det vanskeligere å bygge store quadriceps.Du kan jo ha en fridag etter lårtreningen.
    Lykke til videre med satsingen.

  2. alan earl Says:

    I agree with your comments on aerobic training. I also probably agree with Eric, up to a point. For the older bodybuilder, however, they form a necessary part of the overall picture to try and maintain good health & condition. For the older, drug free bodybuilder, they are also necessary to pair down fat levels to try and achieve your best look. Most of us do not have the efficient metabolisms we may have been blessed with in our youth and working hard with cardio training is necessary, whether you like it or not.

  3. scoot james Says:

    if youre a powerlifter than you should definitely bulk up but if you want the ladies than just rip up

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