Age 61 – Metabolic age 46

I just received my new Tanita Body Composition Monitor (Model BC-545) and was ready for my first monthly measurement. A lot of interesting numbers but the most interesting will be the progress from month to month. I will come back to that next month.

After hearing a lot about Metabolic age and never known my own this was a bit of a surprise. I knew I am well trained and that my Metabolic age should be some years younger than my age of 61. The number 46 was astonishing low. My Metabolic age is 15 years younger than my birth sertificate tells me. It tells me one thing. That’s for sure. Keep on training HARD.

I also used my bodyfat caliper and the 3-point measureformula at

This morning my weight was 96kg and my under-the-skin fat was 9,2 %. In november 2007 (in my first competition) I was 9,1 % and 85kg.

Soon I will be in France, training with my friend Eric Orrao (se previous post). New pictures will be posted after that.

Metabolic age versus chronological age
What is metabolic age and how does it differ from chronological age? Chronological age is your age in calendar years. Metabolic age is a number that comes from comparing your Basal Metabolic Rate with the Basal Metabolic Rate average of your chronological age group. Depending on how you compare you are assigned a metabolic age number that can be lower or higher than your chronological age. A metabolic age number younger than your chronological age generally means that you are fitter and in better health than the average, the lower the age the better in shape you are. An older metabolic age points towards being less healthy and fit than your peers and if it’s much older than your chronological age, this should be considered a wake-up call.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Your BMR is a measurement of your body’s use of energy and is usually interpreted as the minimum level of calories your body needs in it’s resting state (including sleeping) each day. The generic formula for figuring out BMR is based on gender, age, height, and weight.

It is preferable, though, to use a formula that also takes into account activity level and amount of body fat versus lean mass. Using them in the equation will help give you a more accurate picture as they can dramatically decrease or increase the number of calories needed each day and play a large role in overall health.


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    […] Sørger du for god kondisjon gjennom livet, kan du bremse aldringen og få 12 år i bonus. Men dette gjelder ikke bare for kondisjonstrening. Selv har jeg en metabolsk alder på 47 år mens sertifikatet viser 63 år. Mitt resultat skyldes i hovedsak hard styrketrening (se artikkel). […]

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