Focus on Rome

I got through exam in November and is now certified «Treningsveileder, NIH» (BB Coach as I like to call it). My next goal is to take exam as Personal Trainer by autumn 2009. Next autumn is also time for another bodybuilding world championships. In Rome. The date is Oct,11th and the class is Masters 55-65 years. A lot of big guys and I think I will be the oldest.

This Autumn I have focused very hard on gaining more mass on Quadriceps, Upper Chest, Latissimus and Erector Spinae. This focus will continue until Easter 2009. By now my weight is 96kg with a» under the skin fat percent of 8-9. By summer I will be 6kg from competition weight (that is my plan). The tough diet will start July 1st and by October 1st I will have burned 6kg fat and have 4% fat under the skin. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not. And I have not told my wife yet.

Here are some pictures from big contests in oct/nov 2008

NAC Universe masters Over 55 years (16 athletes in this class):


IBFA World Championships 2008 Over 55 years, Slovenia, 15 th Nov:



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    If you belive you cant or you can ,your right! Arnold prob wrote that!!!

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