My Favourite Gluteus Workout

I did 160kg in Stifflegged deadlift on Tuesday this week. Even if it is in a Hammer machine and not a free movement it is hard enough. This workout is one of my favorites. It takes really hard on Gluteus, Hamstrings and Erector Spinae. The Erector Spinae is also one of the muscles where I want more volume because it makes my Back «deeper». So this workout is actually also an important part of my Back workout program that continues on Fridays.


2 kommentar to “My Favourite Gluteus Workout”

  1. hello gunnar good machine for gluteous impossible to find in internet it is hammer?? train hard friend we are waiting you in menton in february in good shape .

  2. HOIST Fitness Systems – Manufacturer of premium strength equipment for commercial and home use

    what is you opinion to ths machine gunnar someone have in norway

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