200kg in Deadlift today

6 reps of 200kg on the 4.th set. Not bad 🙂 But what’s even better: I believe I could do 220kg today and that kicks me of for a new goal. 240kg before Christmas. I know I can do it.

This has been a different month. Lot of work in my ordinary business and two long weekends at the Norwegian School of Sports Science. For the moment I am writing two training programs that has to be delivered by midnight (on the web) on thursday night. 12 pages, not more, not less, is my exam for NIH Certified Treningsveileder.

My left arm is good, at last. And now I have 120 % focus on World Championships in Rome, November 2009. My next international competition where I go for silver or bronze medal in Masters class 55-65 years. I have seen pictures from this years WC and althoug the winner was good, the rest was to fat. Big but not very ripped. I will be ripped. That’s for sure.


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  1. You are too stong gunnar, haha
    see you in menton

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