1 RM Bench Press

Today, in the workout room at Norwegian School of Sports Science, I, for the first time tested 1RM. Some of you know that being strong is not the most important thing on stage in a bodybuilding competition. What I measure every month is how much lean mass I have gained. Dry, hard, defined lean mass is what makes the winner in a bodybuilding competition. So, I never test 1RM. I focus on my weakest parts and set goals to make more volume on my weakest parts. And I measure volume potential by gained lean mass.

But today, on the first afternoon of this second long weekened class at the course «treningsveileder» the theme was progress and measuring. I have read about 1RM and I have seen it several times. Youths at the gym competing in benchpress. Who is the strongest guy. Competing rule: 1RM – One Repetition at Maximum weigth.

I admit I was curious and exited. I decided that the time had come for 1RM in Benchpress. In my chest workouts I  normally start with benchpress for upper chest at 40 degrees angle. Four sets with 10-12 repetitions. Normally I do 80kg with no security. Then I continue with flat bench press. Four sets at 90-100kg without security (no one to help if the weight is to heavy).

This time I had security.

The warm up was lousy because I was to eager. First 15 reps with a 20kg barbell without additional weights. Then 10 reps with 40kg weight (plus barbell 20kg). Then 10 reps at total 100kg.

Then 1RM test at 120kg

Then 1 RM test at 140kg (I did not find two 5 kgs). I needed help on this one.

Then one lift off at 160kg followed by 1RM at 140kg. I needed help but he told me it was very little. My conclusion is that I managed 1RM at 130kg and that I will manage 140kg in first of december with more warming up.


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  1. Joseph.Fouganthine Says:

    Impressive..I’d like to be that when reaching your age..HELL.. WHO WOULD’NT…? Keep up the good work champ and dont be ashamed to brag about it,every one wants it..BUT you n no one else busted your ass n worked for it.

    Joe(mma fighter n bodybuilder)

  2. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  3. Clara Gorbet Says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

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