Hard work – again!

Back at work this week after one and a half week rest. But despite my focus on giving my left arm a rest it still hurts. The reason is overtraining on diet in April – May. This is over 4 months ago and shows how serious you should be in NOT overtraining. I know and knew all about it an still I pushed the line too far.

The main problem now is inflammation in the upper fastenings around the elbow of muscles in myunderarm. My left hand grip is now the problem and that affects all pull moevements like deadlift, rowing etc. Biceps and Triceps is now ok.

I had to visit my doctor on monday and was given a prescription of three pills a day of Voltaren. This should heal the inflammation in about a week (I hope). But I have to find alternative workouts whenever pull is involved.


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  1. Hey Gunnar, You look good man. I thought you were much younger than 60 when I came across this blog.

    I think you should try to lay off the pulling movements for a little longer than you have to let the arm heal completely. I know that it’s difficult but you can still train the other bodyparts hard and just lay off that specific section. Then when it’s healed you can bring it up to par with your other bodyparts without worrying about a lasting injury.

    That is the important thing isn’t it? To be able to train another day. Good work keep it up.

    Adam Eisenhart

  2. Gunnar Brathen Says:

    Thanks for reminding me. This time I’ll add one week of rest for my left underarm after the pain has gone. 🙂

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