It is time for my one week off

Once in a while, I take a rest to give my muscles an additional week to repair and to prevent unnecessary injuries. This is normally not planned but comes as a result of «listening to my body». And my body told me yesterday that the time has come. It is a couple oft months since last time and my progress has been remarkable. I simply lift more iron, thanks to focus on basic exersises. But, you know. I don’t do easy workouts. I alwas goes for the limit and that is why I have become a good «body listener». Today I used this one-week-off opportunity to restart my cardio training and feel very happy. This weekend (Oct 4th) is the NKF-IFBB Norwegain Championship and I look forward to be in the audience. There is a lot of big and very good guys in the BB Veteran class 40+.


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