Progress in mass and strength

I am two months underway in my heavy mass building autumn season. And the results so far is very good and I am sure my progress by Christmas will be remarkable. I train hard with several basic workouts and heavy focus on Quadriceps and Back, my weakest muscle groups.

My weight is now 97kg with 9,8% fat under the skin. This is exactly what my intention was during this training period and I think I will be close to 100kg by Christmas. By Christmas I think it will be time for a month with lower intensity training before the heavy Spring season. By August 2009 I will try to come down to 8% fat under the skin. The plan for next year is to start diet in August to prepare for Norwegian Championship and World Championship in November. World Championship has been moved to Rome. I need to come down to at least 5% fat under the skin to have any chance of reaching top three in Rome.

This week I did 140kg in Barbell Squat and today I did 6 reps of 200kg in Dead Lift from Knee level. i am very happy with this, beeing 61 in one and a half month.


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