Gaining mass not bulking too much

I don’t believe in bulking with a lot more calories (carbohydrates) than I really need. Serious bodybuilders weighting 110 kg in competition should not weight more than 117-118 kg offseason. As explained in this article they don’t need more than 500 calories more than their maintenance level to gain mass. That means 6% of their competition weight. If you rip 0,5kg fat a week during diet they need 14 weeks to get in shape. If you take into account that some of this bulk weight is excess water and that the weekly reduction is closer to 1kg they will be ready for competition in two months.

My goal is to stay close to 10% bodyfat during the hard training the coming winter and spring. That is why I am keeping a close eye on my diet all the time. The problem is of course holidays and my intention to be as normal as possible in my daily life with family and friends.

Just arrived home from two weeks in Menton with my wife, wine and good French food l was a bit nervous about the situation. I have to mention that I trained as normal at Eric Orraos Gym in Menton and that I used (and still uses) a nutrition called «Ripped Max» which I bought at a Pharmacia in Menton. «Ripped Max» is a natural product also containing CLA.

The result is according to my plan. Today I weight 96kg and my bodyfat is 10,5% according to Rustyiron 3-point fat calculator. I will try to stabilize around 9-10% which will give me a better start in front of next year’s World Championship in November. My goal is to be ripped at 5% for that contest. At competition 31th may this year my weight was 88kg and bodyfat was 7%. Easy calculation tells me that I have gained some more mass the last three months.


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  1. Natividad Brimmer Says:

    Keep working ,great job!

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