Alive – not dead

A few more days since my last posting but the reason is Simple: Holiday in Menton!.

Universe Gym was Eric’s gym but the gym is now sold and has a new owner from . July.
That means that some athletes goes to another gym and some stays.  I stay because of Eric and many others do the same. The new owner is a very nice guy. I like him and I hope he makes the the gym a profitable business. He works like hell from early morning to late evening.

There is a new Gym in town but according to my opinion Universe Gym is the only and the best PRO Gym east of Nice.

My Biceps injury is Gone 🙂

I still do easy workouts involving my left arm but I am very happy that the progress is so good. My goal is minimum 3.rd place in WC Nice Nov 2009.

At the moment we are on Holiday in Menton. The Wine makes the diet a bit problematic but I found a solution. I swallow a double dose of some diet nutrition called «super abs » two times a day. Keeps me slim – hahaha. And, I eat less.

Eric is now 9invoolved in an Italian company making nutritions and traning equipment. The training equipment is better and cheaper than Panyatta. And he showedd me today a new competition tanning that is very good, dry, and easyu to wash off after contest. I will bring a sample back to Norway to test ist before the Norwegian Championship in Novembre.

Do I have some progress?
Yess! I Do!.

I Train like hell! and my goal is minimum 3rd place in November 2007. BUT, I still compete in the class 55-65 years and the best guys in this class is BIG!. nOT ONLY big but VERY BIG!.

Eric gave me a video from the Sapri contest and I will publish a video of the the class 556-65 and the class 65+ in a later post. I am impressed ofr the Quality off these senior guys And I understand that the next year will be tough. Not tough BUT VEREY TOUGH!


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