I’m gaining weight and mass

After weeks of light training for my left arm and finding alternative workouts that does not involve left biceps and left brachiradialis when training back and chest I am nearly recovered. I believe that from next week I will be at 90% intensity when involving the injured parts. For my Norwegian readers this means that «betennelsen i venstre nedre bicepsfeste og venstre øvre brachiradialis feste slipper taket».

My 4 day split works fine and I’m back on the weights that I lifted before the heavy and exhausting diet started in the beginning of May this spring. It takes time to regain strength after preparing for competition and you have to take it slowly to avoid injuries. And take into account that I am not 30 years old but close to 61.

My bodyweight is now 96kg and fat is below 10%. At competition May 31th. I was 87kg and had 7% bodyfat.

I heard an interview with the Olympic Champion in 2000m single sculler Roar Tufte who was asked how he could have focus and train hard every day for a competition four years into the future. The answer was: «take one day at a time». This is also my answer when I think about my goal when I am 65 years old. Over four years into the future. I have to add that this is not enough. Training has to be fun and you have to set intermediate goals. Mine is preparing and attending one competition a year to check my progress.

I get an adrenaline kick from heavy training and it is even more fun these days when a lot of people start their autumn training season. Many of these have read the interview that was posted in the local newspaper May 31th. The interview includet a two pages picture of my «double biceps». More and more people ask me for advice on training and diet and I’m happy to share my knowledge and experiences.


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    Good work. Very amusing blog, very motivational.

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