It was time for a Social break

But it had to be planned you know. Beer and food in town with two very good friends for many years was  sceduled on Thursday evening and that forced me to move Thursday’s workout to Wednesday. Bodybuilders at work can’t miss a workout you know.

I met my two buddies early afternoon at 16:00hrs in the backyard of the restaurant «Stortorgets Gjestgiveri» where we had some beers and a bottle of wine until we were thrown out at 18:00hrs. Below is from left: Renny, me and Tor:

Both Renny and Tor have posted blogposts about this happening and you can read all about how the rest of the evening went on at their blogs.

Renny on his award winning blog RennyBA’s Terella and Tor on his TorAA Mirror


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  1. Thanks Mr. Body-builder, it really was a great – and educative – evening and thanks for taking your time with us. I hope you can squeeze in another one in not too long 🙂

  2. […] we had Italian bread and a bottle of olive oil to spread on – very healthy of course . Thanks Gunnar and Tor for a priceless evening. I hope my visitors enjoy reading about it as much as we did […]

  3. Sure Renny. My next tough diet does not start until next summer. Three months before WC in Nice. So I assure you: It won’t be long until the next beer 🙂

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