Back at work

For bodybuilders work is equal to training – heavy training.

This week has been a normal training week. Well, almost normal. I have been very careful about heavy involvement of my left biceps and finding alternative exercises and workouts.

Never the less, I have started my first two months heavy training for  this autumn. August and September heavy. October light (70% intensity and many reps).  November and December heavy and so on during the  winter and spring.

My next target is IFBA WC in November 2009

The WC will be arranged in Nice by Eric Orrao, my French  Coach and good friend. I will be 61 or 62 years old at the time and competing in the class BB 55-65 years. This means that I will meet the same athletes as in 2007 when I won place. So What is my reason?

First of all:
I need to compete once a year to stay in shape.

I need to have a target for my training.

I need to know where I stand. What is the difference from me to the top three in the World?

What musclegroups do I have to prioritise to win the WC title in the BB 65+ Class?


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  1. You are so eager, so determine and so focus – I know you can do it – good luck and keep us posted!

    Btw: I’ve posted about our evening out last night, talking about it and discussing the opportunities 🙂

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