The Hard Work has started, Again!

I’m back from two weeks Holiday in Menton. Two weeks where I enjoyed both food and good wine together with my wife and friends. It is now one month since I won the Nordic Champion title in Bodybuildning for Veterans over 60 years. Although I was on holiday I managed to do some training at Eric Orrao’s Univers Gym. The last holiday week I tested my new 4-split workout routine which I will use the next six months.

So, Monday 30th June I was back on Track, so to speak.

Started with 40 minutes cardio on my elliptic cross trainer at 7:00 hrs. My plan is to do four cardio workouts per week as a steady routine. Followed up with my good old diet adjusted slightly with more carb one hour before workout. Some of the fat I have gained the last month is going to be ripped away during summer. I have in fact a small wish of staying on 8% during autumn and only do necessary adjustmensts to give full power in the heavy workouts that begins sometime in August. For those who are interested I have started a three weeks ripping periode with «Animal Cuts». A very effective nutrition supplement for fat reduction. Makes me pee a little bit too often but the result is worth it.

The new workout routine will have 70% intensity during July focusing on strict execution and small adjustments to make each routine «hit» the muscle at the right angle.

My new 4-Split Workout Routine
The routine focuses on my weakest muscle groups and what has to be done to win a WC title.
1. Broader and lower Latissimus dorsi
2. More depth on lower part of Erector spinae
3. More volume on upper part of Pectoralis major
4. More volume on lower part of Rectus abdominis
5. More volume and definitions of Serratus anterior
6. More volume on Quadriceps and Hamstrings
7. More volume on Gluteus

Day 1 (Monday) – Legs front: Quadriceps

Day 2 (Tuesday) – Legs back and arms: Hamstrings, Gluteus, Calves, Biceps, Triceps

Day 3 (Tursday) – Chest, Shoulder, Abdominal

Day 4 (Friday) – Back

Without going into detail of the workout routine I do arms and shoulder workouts with two workouts per muscle and only one set to failure per workout. This is because these muscles are well sized and my back has to be deeper and wider.

Although I do these workout at 70% intensity I did 4 reps of 200kg in the last deadlift set (from knee height) today.  Deadlift is the last workout on Fridays.


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