Gunnar Bråthen is preparing for World Championship in Bodybuilding

Even though I won the Nordic Champion title for I.F.B.A Bodybuilding Veterans 60 years at IGP Classics May I am far from good enough to win a medal outside Scandinavia.

Here in Scandinavia we have had an IFBB monopoly where there is no classes older than Veteran 40 years. The consequence is that bodybuilders above 40 retires and there is no possibilities for newcomers at senior age. This was true until Roar Innlagen started N.B.F.A, the Norwegian division of I.B.F.A, in 2007. Roar is also the driving force behind the Danish D.B.F.A and the (we hope) Swedish S.B.F.A. In Finland a group of Bodybuilders have joined forces and started av Finnish version of I.B.F.A.

I.B.F.A was founded by the Italian Bodybuildeder Biagio Filizola and became soon big in both Italy and France. In Germany we have N.A.C. which cooperates closely with I.F.B.A.

I.B.F.A. has classes up to veteran +70 years and many competing bodybuilders in all veteran classes. Many of these has been competing for many years and some, like me, makes their debut at senior age.

How will I prepare for an international bodybuilding title?

First of all (and may be the easiest) I have to be more ripped. Last year I reached 9% bodyfat under the skin. This year I reached 7%. To compete with the best in Europe I have to reach 5% bodyfat under the skin. At my age I have planned to use three years to be that ripped. That means that I will manage to be ripped enough in 2009.

Second (beeing ripped at 5% is far from enough) I have to build more mass on my weakest muscle groups. My best muscle groups is arm / shoulder but the harmony is bad becaus i lack width of Latissimus dorsi. This is very visible in the biceps front and back positions.

Therefore the coming autumn, winter and spring has some focus areas that has to be prioritized in my workout routine.

  1. Broader and lower Latissimus dorsi
  2. More volume in lower Abdominals
  3. More volume in Quadriceps and Hamstrings
  4. More volume in Gluteus
  5. More volume and more visible Serratus anterior

I will go into details about my new workout routine and how to achieve these goals in a later post. During the summer i will train at moderate intensity, find the right exercises and prepare for some really heavy training from August. Wish me Luck 🙂 and have a nice and hard training summer.


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  1. You are realy a bodybluilder that like me have in his head the fantastic sport that is bodybuilding.
    Gunnar I ma sure next year you will be in the podium in IBFA world championship

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