I am Nordic Champion in BB Veteran +60 years

International Grand Prix Classics in Larvik May.31th was an open Championship and was the first Nordic Championship for I.F.B.A. (International Fitness and Bodybuilding Association). It was a great contest with many good athletes but in the Veteran class over 60 year I was alone. It was great to be on stage after a long hard winter with lots of workouts and after the tough diet an cardio regime from February. My wife is very happy it’s all over (for this time).

Pictures and video is posted in the Photo Gallery


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  1. Hello gunnar good shape ripped more very more that menton, no problem, you was alone, no prob the bodybuilding is a contest you with your body and you are winer , you was fat, you are now ripped VICTORY MAN

  2. alan earl Says:

    Hi Gunnar
    Congratulations! Well deserved.
    You have come a long way since those earlier photo’s and proven that us «oldies» can still compete, if you are prepared to dedicate yourself to the sport. I wonder if you will inspire others in this age group to compete. I hope to join you myself next year . . . . . .


  3. I had no help with my free posing which was based on Frank Zane with some adjustements to fit my body’s strengths and weaknesses.:

    I struggled quite a bit with the music. First I tried a remix of «Route 66» by Depeche Mode but it did not fit my tempo. The day before I found a piece of music on a CD which we use for class aerobics at the gym. Then it all fell in place with a good tempo and flexing points.

    I followed the Last week diet described here: https://kroppsbygging.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/the-last-week-diet/
    With help from my coachRrune Sørli I made some changes for the last days though. On day 2 I took all the carb before mid day and all the proteins after mid day.I also skipped the bananas on day 2. The last meal on day 2 was 150gr moose beef and two glasses of wine.

    On day 1 – competition day I had moose beef for breakfast and followed the plan.
    30 minutes before prejudging I took lots of Nikotin amid tablets and a half glass of brandy. This drains water and makes the veins visible after some pumping. I also followed the receipt of eating lots of C-vitamins.

    The result was the may quadriceps became better than ever with pretty good definitions.

    The contest was a big kick but with a very little audience. Just frieds of judges and athletes.

    I continue my diet but with a little more carb. I was not satisfied with my abs and 7% body fat is to much for smal abs. So I will try to be a little more ripped for the summer. But I am more relaxed and tastes wine in weekends. I was back in the gym on Monday for leg workout. My plan for the summer is good but easy training. From August I start heavy training again. Priority will be my back (width and depth), quadriceps and abs (lower part).

  4. […] lot of guts. He is much into computers and built his own ‘Home Theatre PC’. Even more: He was 2008 Nordic Champion in Body Building, Veteran class +60 years! We had of course a lot to catch up on. […]

  5. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

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