Last week update before IGP Classics 31th May

I am in the last week before contest. I finished Cardio last Friday and yesterday (Monday) Rune did some heavy massage on my legs. They really needed it after all that cardio training.

I startet the «water diet» on Sunday with 3 litres of water. Today it will be 4 litres and that is added by one litre per day until Friday which is 8 litres. I have scheduled the water intake with equal amounts every hour from 07:00 until 21:00. Worked fine yesterday but I am a bit anxious about Thursday and Friday with seven and eight litres.

I have also supplied my diet with Turkey and added a protein meal while reducing carbohydrates.

I am also training on posing and my free posing routine. My free posing routine will be different from 2007 since I have developed quite a bit since then. Both in mass and less fat. The music will be slow and gives me time to not think about the music. But it has the necessary rythm and flexing sounds.

Just now I am very satisfied and look forward to go on stage on Saturday. Visitors are welcome to Munken Kino in Larvik.


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