First Goal Achieved – 7% bodyfat

Last Friday I measured 7.9% body fat with the Seven Site method and my weight was 89kg. Then I decided to make a try for 6.9% this last week of diet and cardio training. I doubled the cardio training to two one hour workouts each burning 1000Kcal from last Sunday. And I reduced the diet with approximately 200kcal.

Todays measuring by Rune showed remarkable results. My body weight is now 88.9kg but I have burned 0,6kg fat and has now 7.0% body fat (under the skin). Lean weight (mass) has gone from 69.3kg to remarkable 69.8kg during the same week. Most of this is due to the fact that the last one and a half week has been restitution training allowing the muscles to grow by resting. And also due to the fact that more water is preserved in the muscles.

Next Sauturday I will be on stage below 7% and weighting over 88kg.
Last November I was 85kg with 9.1% body fat.


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  1. Fredrik Says:

    Hey Gunnar !

    7 % fat under the skin, that really great :O)
    I have 10 % now, and the goal Is 9 % in a month.


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