Would you be willing to do this?

From February 1. I did cardio training six days a week for seven weeks until Eastern Holiday.  Each workout was 40minutes with 550Kcal in energy consumtion. This gives a total of 49 workouts with a total of 32 hours. Total Kcal equals 26.950.

From April 3. to May 24. I have finished 60 hours of cardio training. Each hour with an intesity of 130 heartbeats per minute and 1000Kcal in energy consumption. Total Kcal equals 60.000.

Total Kcal «burned» during the diet period is 86.950
Total hours cardio workout during the diet period is 92
Total days with cardio is 100 (the last week was 2 per day)


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  1. alan earl Says:

    Wow, Gunnar . . . .you are really piling on the pressure now! Twice a day . . . . . . mmmm . . .I thought you were leaving the 4% bodyfat target until next year!

    Good luck!


  2. I finished last Cardio workout Thursday evening. One day before schedule. My legs, my body and my head tells me enough is enough. Low on Carb the evening cardio has been like hell. Glykogen is empty after 50 minutes and then I risk falling off the Cross Trainer. Last measuring at Rune today at 10:00 and I am nervous about the result. I don’t think I have managed to rip as much as I wanted. I have a feeling that my body has slowed down the metabolism a lot and that mass also is lost during this last week.

  3. alan earl Says:

    Sorry to hear that , Gunnar.

    Inevitable, when you are on such low carbs as yourself. ( wasn’t it 80 to 100 per day ). The only thing I can advise is to eat the majority of your daily carb allowance before & immediately after training, with anything left over, then eat that at breakfast., upon rising, to fuel the night’s fast.

    Not long now . . .keep it going.

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