It’s getting harder to be harder

The last two weeks I’ve lost only 400gr fat. Before that I lost 4oogr fat per week. And I work just as hard with both cardio and diet. My weight today is 89kg and my body fat is 7,9% by use of caliper and the Seven-Site Method for fat measuring you’ll find here: By use of infrared light measuring I still have 2,4kg excess fat which is 2.7% of my today weight. If I could get rid of this excess fat i would have approximately 5% body fat. This is beyond reach this year but next autumn I will be on stage somewhere in Europe  ripped to 5%. More mass and stone hard!

Next week will be more than tough. I want to reach 6.9% by next Friday and that means more cardio on my elliptical cross trainer and less calories. I have warned my wife that i may be a little abrupt next week and I will also move to another bedroom from Sunday night.


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