Will I be prepared for IGP Classic 31.th May?

I hope so and I certainly does my best. At the age of 60 (and a half) I have never been in better shape. And after hours and hours on cardio training my heart is also stronger than ever. But, there is still some weeks to go and I my ultimate dream is defined abdominals. Which is the hardest part I have found out. Old fat is very hard to rip away and it seemes that fat is being removed all other places than my mid section. That includes above hips and lower back. Another thing that makes my abs hard to rip (I have heard) is that they are asymetrical.

I work for a plastic surgeon in my internet business and maybe I should offer him a deal. Trimming my waist fat against top ranking in Google for «Plastic surgery» 🙂

Today I have made som picture updates for those of you that are interested. I have not taken pictures of my legs because they feel and look like thimber after all the cardio. So they will have to wait until contest. You can see pictures below in this article but I have also updated the Photo gallery as well.


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  1. Hello gunnar your back is ripped better that never, at 60 you have a good physique, your waist aslo is very very better that before, you train hard, you make good diet, no prob , you are a really bodybuilder, and all the friend of menton want to see you in contest, yesterday they speak about you in the gym, and all people said»gunnar is great, and more more better to menton 2007.
    Train hard and dont forget now you are in menton
    Your friend eric

  2. Hello i am the best friend of ERIC ORRAO , you have a good physique , congratulations.

  3. Thanks Raoul. You both know how I was in Menton 11.Nov last year. A result of an ongoing diet from January where my primary goal was to get rid of a lot of old fat. I managed to do that but several months on zero carb did not good for contest. You know, my intention was to make my debut this year but Eric and Roar in the Norwegian NBFA persuaded me to debut in Norway in October and Menton in Novembre. Now I am glad I did and my focus this last winter has been heavy basic workouts on legs and back, which has given good results. My ultimate goal is WC Champion in 2013. You guys are to heavy for me in the lower classes. But as part of the training I will compete every year and next year I will compete in Europe. With much bigger Latissimus and Quadriceps. See you in Menton 🙂

  4. philippe Manfredi Says:

    hello gunnar,congratulations for your progression.i hope to see your soon at univers gym to speaking about it with you.

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