3.5 weeks to Competition – how do I feel?

Well, not bad actually. I was prepared for one hell of a month this beautiful May, when the lawn in our garden is going from brown to green and tells us the summer is near here far north in Europe. Last year was a sort of tougher journey because there was much more fat to be burned and my receipt was long periods of zero carb (ketose diet). This year I have only lowered the carb to 120gr per day and that seemes to be enough when combined with early morning cardio. I do cardio every day, one hour, before breakfast and burns 1000kcal per workout.

So I feel fine with «enoug» carb and I lost 1kg last week. This month I have changed some bits and pieces and some of that kilo was water, some was mass unfortunately but expectet. 500gr was pure fat. The result (last Friday) was 90kg and 8,5% fat under the skin. Last year in November in WC in Menton I was 85kg and 9% fat.

The ripping process is going fast for the moment and I hope to have lost another kilo by Friday. If I can see number 6,xx when I go on stage 31.May in InternationalGrandPrix I will be very happy. Even if it is 6,9%. That will prove to myself that I will be able to reach 5,xx in 2009. If I do that I will compete somewhere in Europe next Autumn. And that will be after a coming autumn, winter and spring with heavy mass building. Special priority on my two weakest areas: Latissimus and Quadriceps.


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