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Which means that all postings from now on will be in English. This is because I have many many BB friends in France and in the rest of Europe. We live in Norway but have an apartment in Menton, France. In Menton I train at Universe Gym, owned by one of my best friends Eric Orrao, Champion of BB for many many years.

This blog has been written in Norwegian since the beginning of 2007, but since my major future competitions will be in Europe I feel the need of changing the language to English. I am 60 years old and had my debut in Bodybuilding competitions in October / November 2007. The debut was actually two debuts. One in the Norwegian Championship arranged by the newly established Norwegian federation N.B.F.A of the international I.B.F.A and one in the international I.F.B.A. WC in Menton in November, arranged by Eric Orrao and his Universe gym.

I Won the Norwegian Championship in the Class 50-60 years. And I (as expected) became in the WC in Menton.

My Goal is to win the I.F.B.A WC in 2013 when I am 65 years old. In the meantime I will prepare by training hard and competing every year. This year I will compete in the IGP Classics 31th. May in the Class 60 years. I believe I will be the one and only athlete in this class but I will do the best as I can and this is only one milestone in my project of winning a WC title.

I know very well what I have to do.
I have to prioritize Lats and Quadriceps the next winter. This means that I will do Lats and Quadriceps two times in 1,5 weeks during the winter. I will also have to be more ripped than my competitors. My competitors in Menton 2007 was bigger and had a lot of experience. My belief is that they wiil be more relaxed on ripping. So what I lack on being big I can take the advantage of being more ripped.

In Menton last autumn I was 85kg and 9% bodyfat.
This year, in May, I will be below 7% bodyfat and weight 88kg.
Next year I will manage 5% bodyfat and 90kg on stage in November. Next year I will compete in Europe somewhere. I.F.B.A, N.A.C. or somewhere else.

Just look forward to meet me in contest.
Regards The Norwegian BB Viking.


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  1. Gunnar,
    I do think think this was a wise desicion – to write in english – even thouhg I do think your friends in Menton would preferred it was in French.
    For me it’s unbelieable how fast time goes by:
    Last year:

    Have a great weekend
    the 2 of U

  2. Dear gunnar, happy to see this in english you have many friend in Menton the town of the sun, and all this friend hope to see you in menton soon , the sun is arrived and we are waiting «the norvegian viking» I am sure you are going to be a fantastic champion, because like me you like bodybuilding, and you are real bodybuilder.
    Good train friend see you in menton

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