Mr. Olympia 1983 – Frank Zane

Frank Zane vant Mr. Olympia fra 1977 til 1979. Han holder fremdeles formen og muskelmassen vedlike i en alder av 65 år.


Her er Frank Zane sin posering på Mr. Olympia i 1983:


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  2. e’naturale frank?Complimenti.
    Quante volte mangi al giorno?
    Ciao Paolo

  3. you are god

  4. The top of the day to you Frank

    Great to see my all time hero, Frank along with the great Jack LaLanne still making a positive difference. My Viet Nam buddy and I were speaking last evening and he was singing your praises so loud that even the birds took a second look. So I had to go and visit your site and am glad I did as so many people just don’t care anymore about their health as they get older. They seem to let “Age be their Cage”!

    You and Jack LaLanne have always been my favorites and Jack and I did a big Tele-Seminar Series a few years back and he was a hoot. You, Frank always had the most natural look along with the greatest symmetry and I just wanted to share that with you and as I said I’m so happy that you are getting older with style and class.

    I am a Nutritional Performance Coach, Lifestyle Management Consultant and a Disease Prevention Specialist who teaches people how to be the Healthiest Person ON the Planet and not the Wealthiest Person IN the Grave with a focus on Nutrition and a basic Philosophy, “If you want to be Tough you have to Eat Good Stuff” so you can get Older and Better and not Old and Bitter!

    I have nothing to sell you but I just wanted to offer my sincere praise and appreciation … Stay Healthy so the ones who look up to you the most can enjoy you just that much longer. If you would like to call me personally here is my private tool free number 866-mangoman

    Here’s a handclasp over the miles for all you are doing to make a huge positive difference. Remember, Rewards ALWAYS COME. Sometimes they’re a little Late and sometimes they’re Early but rest assured that they ALWAYS COME and the best part of it is they’re ALWAYS ON TIME … Praise God!


  5. alessandro Says:

    Uno dei culturisti più armoniosi che sia mai esistito…ne nascono, uno su un milione.

  6. His muscles still look tough for someone at his age. Shows how much exercise and bodybuilding helps to preserve the body and slows aging.

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